Prevention of heart disease

Prevention of heart disease

Prevention of heart disease

This gigantic pump, which is the “heart,” constantly beats for several dozen years, every day about 100,000 times. Because it cannot afford any break, you should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart disease. You can read about how the heart works angioplasty Singapore and how to properly protect it.

Healthy lifestyle

A fit way of life is the most efficient method to prevent heart disease, and if you get sick, it also speeds up your recovery. Your health is important to us. You can find out how to take care of your heart’s health here.

We strive to maintain a healthy weight

Too high body weight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, fat metabolism disorders, diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and cancer.

The optimal body mass index (BMI) is 18.5 to 25, and the circumference of the abdomen should not exceed 80 cm for women and 94 cm for men. It is recommended to combine the right diet angioplasty Singapore  with the right amount of physical activity. All positive changes should be permanent and become an integral part of our everyday life. Short-term, often one-sided diets bring fewer benefits than a lasting change in our lifestyle. As a health-promoting hospital, we support the treatment of very overweight. On the way to achieve this goal, there is only one effective method: a permanent change of activity habits striving to achieve an energetically balanced lifestyle and at the same time, improving the quality of nutrition. In short: more exercise and a healthier diet.

Quit smoking

Smoking significantly shortens life expectancy. Blood vessels age faster, which leads to damage to the heart, lungs, and brain. Smokers are exposed to almost all cancers, and the risk of developing heart and circulatory system diseases is significantly increased at a young age, with their course often more dramatic.